Winding Down Operations

Closing an overseas entity is difficult on many levels. You want to make a graceful exit from the market without compromising your reputation. It's imperative that you minimize financial losses, but also comply with in-country regulations and end your local relationships in a professional manner.

Radius has the expertise to help you wind down operations efficiently, while protecting your company's reputation. Our seasoned experts can help sort out the details and guide you through local best practices for liquidation, tax, regulatory and finance issues. Our human resources consulting practice can guide your approach to any local or expatriate employees who have been engaged in-country, and recommend appropriate strategies to protect your valuable talent.

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity, share-based compensation and other issues may require additional attention. Your entity structure and registrations, as well as compliance considerations, may also warrant special treatment. Radius has helped many customers work through the details of these processes efficiently and effectively.

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Radius can help you minimize costs and maintain local relationships when closing down your overseas operations.