You’re leading the charge overseas — and your team needs an extraordinary amount of support. You need to decipher what kind of legal entity should be established, and how to be sure it’s in compliance with local laws; determine how the new operation should be set up for tax and accounting purposes; run day-to-day operations, like bookkeeping and payroll; and decide whether to hire independent contractors or employees. The list is endless, and issues arise across all departments.

Your name — and your company’s name — are on the line. To protect both, you need to quickly learn about local business practices and avoid expensive regulatory and reputational mistakes. Your team needs the tools and expertise to rise to the occasion without getting overwhelmed by the details.

Radius can help you make some of the big picture decisions required at the senior management level and can provide the detailed operational support your team needs to get the day-to-day job done effectively in challenging overseas markets. Radius is a one-stop-shop for international expansion and operations.

Whether you are launching a new international office, managing existing locations or winding down an operation, our expert consultants, managed services teams and global business software can handle all of your international requirements.

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Radius can support leaders of multinational corporations with the necessary advisory services.