International operations introduce a new level of complexity to supporting key stakeholders like Finance, HR and Operations. Certainly, the local legal and regulatory systems are different, but there are substantial interdependencies that are not always clear. Whether it is employment contracts and benefits packages, employment termination procedures, commercial contracts and indirect taxation obligations, or the intricacies of entity structuring, registrations and filings, supporting an international business requires a pragmatic operational orientation as well as country-specific cultural and legal knowledge.

Maintaining control and ensuring that local compliance requirements are handled the right way from the beginning can be extremely challenging in fast moving businesses. Decisions are made quickly, information is often scarce, and unknowns abound. There is high likelihood of significant risk exposure that can lead to potential penalties, fines and reputational damage.

Radius provides a cross-functional, multi-country perspective across an array of legal-related issues that affect key internal stakeholders. Radius can provide pragmatic guidance based on over a decade of experience helping companies succeed in their international endeavors.

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Radius provides international assistance for corporate counsel or legal teams.