Higher Education

Radius is the only international business software and services firm specializing in supporting colleges and universities with international programs. We have a dedicated higher education and nonprofit practice that supports over 70 leading institutions. Our customers range from top public research universities, to Ivy League institutions, to smaller colleges looking to enhance their global reputations.

Radius provides practical, cost-effective solutions for managing the reputational and compliance-related risks of contemplated and existing overseas activities. We simplify the management and control of international activities so our customers can focus on their academic and research-related missions. Whether you're developing a study abroad program, opening an overseas campus, hiring local employees or conducting a research trip, Radius can help.

Here are just a few examples of how Radius can help your college or university support its international programs:

  • Find safe accommodations and transportation for students and employees in remote regions
  • Ensure full compliance with local permanent establishment and employer laws when establishing study abroad programs or international branch campuses, including registering a legal entity in the foreign country, if required
  • Hire and pay local employees
  • Support expats and third-country nationals (TCNs) working abroad
  • Provide ongoing back-office support for all bookkeeping, payroll, vendor payments, invoicing, VAT and filing requirements in the foreign country
  • Provide cash management solutions, including those related to getting money into and out of developing countries
  • Provide support for domestic reporting requirements, such as A-133, US Export Controls and the updated disclosure requirements of IRS Form 990

Radius has helped some of the world's most progressive research universities, nonprofit organizations, multinational corporations and emerging technology companies manage their operations in more than 100 countries. Let us focus on your global operational and compliance requirements, so you can focus on what's really important — education and research.