High Tech

There are many reasons for a high tech firm to embark on an international expansion, including a loyal customer base or untapped market potential, R&D opportunities, or manufacturing innovations. Maybe you’re considering hiring a sales consultant in a new country just to see how things develop.

In order to maximize an overseas opportunity without incurring exorbitant costs, you'll need to work out many issues. For example, should you hire a local employee, send an expat or work with a consultant? How will you stay in compliance with local employment laws, on-the-ground cash requirements and legal entity establishment regulations? Meanwhile, different cultural, legal and environmental norms can further complicate your operations. These are just a few of the questions you'll need to consider to prevent undue exposure to financial and reputational risk.

Radius can help simplify your international expansion. Our team delivers the experience and local knowledge necessary to ensure that your international business launches and operates efficiently. Radius ensures that financial and entity documentation, including tax and payroll returns, are filed on time and with the right authorities. We also create a compliance calendar so you know exactly what documentation to prepare throughout the year and if there are any changes in filing requirements. Radius can even set up your payroll and accounting systems, and answer the bookkeeping, legal, HR and business operations questions that arise as you proceed.

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Radius’ team of expert advisors can help navigate the issues that arise as you launch your international operation.