Risk Management

Whether you are operating in one country or multiple countries, you need to ensure you are complying with local laws and regulations. Keeping track of regulatory change in other countries is difficult and laws are changing all the time. Non-compliance can lead to fines and penalties that hurt your company’s bottom line, while negative publicity can tarnish your reputation and hinder your ability to be successful in the local market. With all the laws pertaining to your employees, tax liabilities, permanent establishment and more, you need an expert to monitor the local regulatory environment and manage the risk of your international operations.

Radius is here to help manage the many types of risk you will encounter when doing business in multiple countries. Radius advisors will review and recommend appropriate changes to your corporate, HR and tax policies to make sure you meet local requirements while saving you time and worry.

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Radius’ advisory team can provide expertise by:

  • Constantly monitoring the local regulatory landscape to ensure your in-country activities meet evolving local requirements
  • Analyzing how a change to your company's local activities (such as an increase in headcount) could affect your tax standing
  • Providing regular transfer-pricing reviews and benchmarking services
  • Producing timetabled upgrades to staff policies when you reach mandatory headcount thresholds

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Some additional areas where we can help:

  • Real estate-related recommendations
  • Advice covering employer obligations
  • Data privacy compliance
  • Contractual matters
  • Copyright/IP matters

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You need a team of experts to track local regulatory changes so you can manage the risks of operating in multiple countries.