In today’s global economy many companies find they must operate in multiple countries to compete. Establishing and maintaining operations abroad, however, comes with significant administrative and compliance-related challenges. Processing payroll, automating expense report workflows, and keeping track of statutory accounting and corporate and indirect tax filings in countries around the world can strain the resources and expertise of any organization.
To meet these challenges, many companies hire multiple third-party providers in different countries. This involves keeping track of all the information these vendors provide, navigating the various systems they use, and communicating with people in different time zones and sometimes in different languages. Managing the process can be as complex as understanding the many evolving laws of your countries of operation.

A Simple Solution for Managing Global Operations

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution for managing all your international operations: Radius’ OverseasConnect. The cloud-based platform enables your team and Radius to collaborate and perform functions critical to running your global operations, such as processing payroll, posting documents and financial reports, managing compliance events, reimbursing employee expenses and more.
OverseasConnect provides a unified view of all these functions in every country of operation. All your international operations can be managed using one web address, one login and one user-friendly platform, maximizing efficiencies and minimizing risks. OverseasConnect gives your team 24/7 access to our shared workflow tools and total visibility into and control over your operations. It features a powerful reporting tool and is a secure place to store financial reports, bank statements, registrations and other important documents so you’re always audit-ready.

A Collaboration Platform That’s Backed by a Team of Experts

OverseasConnect supports every Radius client engagement and includes our innovative Global Compliance application, which collects all your compliance events in one place so you’ll never miss a filing deadline. OverseasConnect helps you track regulatory changes around the world, puts exchange-rate information at your fingertips and gives you immediate access to Radius’ team of experts.
If you ever have questions — anything from how to use OverseasConnect’s reporting tools to how to best structure your legal entities abroad to how to comply with employer obligations in a new target country — Radius will be standing by to give you authoritative information and recommendations.

Complete Insight and Control

With Radius and OverseasConnect, you’ll no longer have to manage multiple vendors, wake up in the middle of the night to field a call, try to keep track of regulatory changes in different countries or use multiple software platforms to manage your global operations. OverseasConnect provides complete insight into and control over all your global operations. It’s your single solution for:


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