Human Resources

Managing valuable staff in multiple countries can be difficult when personnel issues arise in distant offices. When an HR executive can’t simply walk across the hall to help manage an important project or resolve an employment challenge, having trusted advisors on location is key.

Radius can help. Radius’ advisory team has a deep human resources bench you can call on for expert advice. Collectively, our advisors have decades of human resources experience in countries all over the world.

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The Radius HR Advisory team can provide services for all stages of employment abroad including:

  • Compensation and benefits benchmarking, analysis and implementation

  • Development of documents such as employment contracts, employee handbooks, onboarding plans and bespoke policies

  • Employee relations and litigation advice

  • Data privacy policies and alignment

  • Equity compensation planning and analysis

  • Redundancy, layoffs and termination policy creation and consultation

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Radius’ international human resources advisory services will help you manage a range of issues from various in-country regulations to expectations about workplace culture.