Global HR

Whether you’re heading up HR for a high-growth startup or a larger multinational organization, managing HR for multiple countries from headquarters is difficult. Employment regulations and customs differ widely from country to country and change all the time. The more countries you manage, the more likely you are to spend a disproportionate amount of time on a small percentage of your total employees. Radius can help you focus on HR strategies to drive your business by spending less time on the administrative details of tracking employees in multiple countries and systems.

Radius streamlines HR management for global companies with a comprehensive, secure cloud-based application backed by the expertise of our international HR advisors. Our HR solution enables companies of any size to be great global employers by providing a single place to manage all international employees. Our intuitive end-to-end Global HR software centralizes employee information in a secure application accessible from anywhere 24/7.


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Radius’ HR Solution Key Advantages

Radius’ HR Solution Key Advantages

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Saves you time

An unparalleled range of HR functionality and expertise simplifies and centralizes HR management of global employees in one platform.

Reduces your risk

Helps ensure your HR practices are locally complaint, reducing HR compliance risk across your global footprint.

Allows you to focus on strategy

Enables you to focus on strategic human resources considerations by reducing time spent on administrative responsibilities.

Radius’ HR Solution Key Advantages

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Integrates with Global Payroll

Works seamlessly with Radius Global Payroll for an unrivaled end-to-end multinational HR solution.

Supported by Radius advisors

A single solution that combines Radius support and standard HR advisory services with Global HR software.

Accessible anytime

Cloud-based software that’s fully secure and accessible 24/7.

Helps You Manage

Radius Global HR

Radius Global HR on OverseasConnect — your command center for international employees

  • Supported by advisory expertise
  • Consistent interface for all countries
  • Identical data entry processes
  • Standardized validation and approval processes
  • Permission-based administrative controls
  • Highly customizable fields and reports
  • Integrates with other OverseasConnect applications

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