Global Expense Reporting

Expanding your business into a new market is an exciting growth opportunity, but managing employee expenses abroad often leaves HQ shuffling spreadsheets, matching receipts and trying to reconcile expenses.

Radius simplifies the employee expense process with Global Expense Reporting, a powerful cloud-based software solution that puts everything you need for international expense management right at your fingertips.

Whether you’re just about to open your first international office or you’re a veteran global operator, Global Expense Reporting can streamline your international employee expenses and simplify your accounting cycle. And it's a better, simpler, easier-to-use solution for your field teams as well.

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Global Expense Reporting Delivers

Global Expense Reporting Delivers

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Cloud-based expense submission and approval reduces paperwork, manual effort and data entry in the international expense reporting process.


Get your completed employee expense reports in on time, with line items and receipts already digitally linked, currencies automatically converted and VAT calculated for future reclamation.


Minimal data-entry and simple general ledger expense coding helps prevent misalignments, all within the security of the cloud.


Information automatically posts to Radius’ Global Accounting application, with complete transaction granularity all the way down to the original receipt.


An easy-to-use mobile app allows employees to log expenses, attach photos of receipts and submit expense reports anywhere, anytime.

Global Expense Reporting Delivers

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Radius Global Expense Reporting Significantly Reduces Your Administrative Burdens

Key features include:

  • Digitally linked line items and receipts eliminate the paper chase for documentation and receipt matching
  • Automatic notifications to employees and approvers help ensure deadlines are met
  • Advanced VAT calculations are captured automatically to help you stay in compliance and simplify reporting
  • Mobile app lets employees enter and submit expense reports anywhere, anytime
  • Seamless integration with Global Accounting application means transactions automatically post to the general ledger, preventing errors and reducing data entry
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive software lets you get the job done — fast

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