F&A Managed Services

One of the most demanding areas of global operations is fulfilling local accounting obligations. In order to comply, you’ll almost certainly need to hire full-time employees knowledgeable in local GAAP or find and maintain qualified vendors in each jurisdiction.
You may also have to maintain your records so they’re available for review on request by local authorities. On top of that, if you have multiple international entities you may have to consolidate their financial information. These challenges can be magnified by language barriers and by employees and vendors operating in distant time zones.
Unfortunately, the price of noncompliance is steep: Failure to fulfill reporting and filing requirements can lead to fines, reputational damage and even debarment from doing business in a country.
Simplifying Your Global Operations
Radius’ accounting services eliminate the need to hire costly employees knowledgeable in local GAAP or manage and pay multiple vendors. We handle all your accounting needs in every country, greatly simplifying your global operations while reducing risk.
Our qualified, dedicated accountants have deep experience delivering accurate, compliant services in virtually any jurisdiction. Each month, they provide accounting services that support over 1,000 client entities in more than 100 countries.
Best of all, your financial statements and reports for each country of operation are managed centrally so there are no time zones to contend with, multiple software platforms to master or language barriers to overcome. You have a single point of contact and all your accounting data is available 24/7 on our OverseasConnect platform. You access your reports from a single dashboard, so no matter how many countries you operate in you’ll always be audit-ready.
Making Sure Your Financial Data Is Secure
Nearly every country is enforcing increasingly stringent auditing and data protection standards. If you hire local accountants or work with local vendors, you’ll have to ensure proper controls are in place, which often proves time-consuming and expensive.
Radius lifts these burdens. We engage an independent accounting firm to produce Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements No. 16 reports. The reports let you know our financial reporting controls are strong and reliable. In many cases, our clients’ external auditors can use them (free of charge) as objective evidence of the adequacy of our controls, eliminating the need for costly audits.
Using Your Existing Accounting Platform on Request
Every day our clients use OverseasConnect to manage their global accounting needs and oversee payroll, track employee time off, manage expenses and more. That said, many Radius prospects come to us after having invested substantially in accounting software; and some want to know if we can meet their global accounting needs using that software. The answer is an emphatic yes.
Radius is equally comfortable providing accounting services on our SunSystems-based platform or on a client-owned system. In fact, we provide hundreds of clients with accounting services using their own accounting platforms, including Oracle, Netsuite, SAP, Intacct and others.
Covering All the Accounting Bases
Radius offers a host of accounting services to meet your needs, from making currency conversions to conducting department-level reporting. Here are some of our core offerings:
  • Performing monthly bookkeeping in local currency
  • Closing the monthly books, including generating and electronically storing monthly reports
  • Filing and maintaining invoices, expense reports and bank statements in-country
  • Processing local payments related to vendors, employee expenses, payrolls and taxes
For more information on how Radius can solve your global accounting challenges while lowering your risk, contact us.
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