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The UK’s decision to leave the EU has left US businesses operating in Europe wondering what’s next. To help you make well-informed decisions about your global operations as Brexit negotiations unfold, we’ve prepared a checklist of actions to take related to HR, legal considerations, taxes and more.

Violations of privacy evoke a strong emotional response, which is one of the reasons why privacy forms a constitutional right in most countries. Individuals feel particularly exposed in the age of “big data,” fearful that their personal information will be stolen, sold or unintentionally disclosed.

Universities and nonprofits receiving federal funding must ensure compliance with federal regulations. Here is a checklist of internal controls an institution should have in place.

It’s an all too familiar scenario: to grow your business, you need an expatriate in a critical market, but that creates a host of other issues.

Is anyone you are working with considered a "foreign official"? Make sure you are operating in full compliance.