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Corruption is one of the stickier issues organizations must navigate when expanding into new countries. With companies such as JP Morgan battling alleged corruption charges in China, cases like this illustrate the potential pitfalls of operating abroad. Overseas, many forms of corruption remain widespread. Check out Corruption's Big 3: North Korea, Somalia and Afghanistan.

This October, Wal-Mart announced the premature end of its joint venture with retailer Bharti Enterprises in India and the indefinite suspension of its retail plans there. It’s a telling sign that despite government efforts to solicit foreign direct investment – especially in retail – there remain significant obstacles for outside firms hoping to reach the Indian market.

If you’ve expanded into a foreign country, you’ve experienced the transition to a whole new set of laws and business regulations. Foreign laws governing business practices are frequently difficult to adjust to and sometimes quite frustrating. But once in a while, foreign business laws can also be downright surreal. Here are four favorites we’ve come across. We think you might learn something even from these head-scratchers.