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Your firm doesn’t have to be sending people to work on deep-water oil rigs or in terrorist hot-spots to expose itself to legal and ethical risks when expanding overseas. In fact, you're more likely to find yourself dealing with more mundane threats, like food poisoning. Events like these serve as the most potent reminders of an international business’s duty of care to the employees it sends overseas.

In our first VC Insights post we looked at the timing of international expansion: When should a start-up move into foreign markets?

That leads us to another question: Once it’s time to expand, how exactly should you go about it?

For American and European retailers in a still-struggling economy, the imperative to grow can be as hard to fulfill as it is hard to ignore. Cash-strapped shoppers are still not opening their wallets, as evidenced by the drop in U.S. retail sales last year. As a result, more and more retailers of all shapes and sizes are going abroad to sustain their growth. And it’s a wide-open playing field.

The biggest social media event is coming to the most social media-mad country, making Brazil an indispensable proving ground for international brands.

Our recent webinar Gateway to Asia: Getting Started in Hong Kong and Singapore encouraged a lot of discussion. There were several interesting questions from attendees for HSP's Asia experts; here are some of the highlights, and answers.