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Earlier this month, UK Chancellor George Osborne announced his Summer Budget to Parliament. The Budget made news in the UK and beyond primarily for its plan to raise the UK’s National Living Wage at the same time that it cuts welfare benefits. While the new minimum wage requirement is noteworthy for multinationals operating in the UK, there are other aspects of the Budget that will more seriously affect those businesses, for better and worse.

by Dafydd Williams, Senior Director Advisory Services APAC, High Street Partnersby Dafydd Williams, Senior Director Advisory Services APAC, High Street Partners

If you’re a nonresident doing business in India, a couple of newly issued regulatory changes are likely to affect your business. Get ready for even more paperwork.

By Bill Thomas, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

When American businesses venture abroad, they face serious challenges: ensuring compliance, managing tax implications, and aligning their goals with the local culture. According to CFOs and senior finance executives who participated in a recent survey conducted jointly by HSP and our partner CFO Magazine, those challenges only grow when a firm’s expansion takes it into emerging markets.

Last week’s webinar Employment Law in France: Avoiding Common Pitfalls encouraged a lot of discussion. There were several interesting questions from attendees for HSP's advisory services expert Dafydd Williams; here are some of the highlights, and answers...