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The new US tax reforms represent the largest overhaul to the country’s tax code in more than three decades. They not only significantly lower US corporate tax rates, they change how multinationals are taxed on their non-US operations and their cross-border transactions. Understanding and following with the new rules will create challenges for multinationals. Those that fail to comply will risk financial and reputational damage, and those that fail to take advantage of new benefits will leave money on the table.


Brazil is Latin America’s most populous country and has a large and growing middle class. For these reasons and others, Brazil is an attractive destination for businesses looking to expand internationally.


Recent “Abenomics” economic policy changes have been a catalyst for significant reform and will continue to impact the Japanese economy. A changing economic climate coupled with incentives and support for investment have made Japan an inviting location for international expansion.


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A Changing Business Climate

The changing business climate in Mexico is driving increased business interest for expanding operations into Mexico. Business regulations have been eased in meaningful ways, and recent labor reforms and anti-trust legislation are contributing to making doing business in Mexico more attractive.