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Whether it is your company’s first endeavor into international expansion, or it is the tenth time you have setup overseas operations, the task of determining what is required of your business in a new country can be overwhelming and time consuming. Just figuring out deadlines and researching where exactly to send documents can make the process of complying with international statutory requirements a major headache.

Though often a commonly cited concern, keeping your international operations compliant in country isn’t just about filing tax returns on time—your statutory obligations begin right when you get on the ground in another country, and can affect various pieces of your business. Here are some key areas to consider how international statutory requirements may impact your company overseas.

Since India is a hot country for those considering international expansion, it was no surprise that many of you had a host of additional questions after our webinar last week Doing Business in India. We didn’t have time to cover them all in the allotted hour, so we thought it would benefit everyone to see the additional questions that came up, as well as the answers from our India expert.