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If your organization sends employees abroad, you need to understand what a shadow payroll is and how it works. The basic concept is relatively simple, and shadow payrolls are great for lowering employer and employee risks. Properly establishing and maintaining a shadow payroll is, however, far from simple. There are countless items to consider, such as whether to implement a tax protection or tax equalization policy, how to calculate hypothetical taxes, the best way to send money across borders and much more.


Global payroll is complicated. As your organization expands internationally, the complexity of your operations will increase, and payroll and expenses are no exception.

LiveAction was looking to expand into the UK while staying compliant with local tax, employment and other regulations, including those related to Brexit. Radius outlined practical options and the risks and benefits of each.

A shadow payroll can lower your company’s risks when you send an employee abroad. Find out why in this short video.