Deploying and maintaining talent around the world is a critical priority for companies in today’s global economy. But the stakes are high. Employing an expat typically costs two or even three times more than the simple cost of the individual’s home-country salary.

M&A activity has reached record levels in recent years, with buyers spending trillions of dollars annually. Despite the frenzy, however, serious risks remain, especially when participating in an international transaction. Some experts put the failure rate of mergers and acquisitions between 70 and 90 percent, so due diligence remains essential.

Protecting the personal data of customers and employees has never been harder and the stakes have never been higher. Governments the world over are tightening restrictions and increasing fines for noncompliance. Related media stories involving companies such as Google and Facebook help ensure the public is aware of its data privacy rights. Understanding and fulfilling your own obligations in this climate is difficult, but it’s also essential, especially given strict and far-reaching legislation such as the EU’s GDPR.