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Top EU Court Sinks Safe Harbor Over US Spying and Rattles Tech Industry

The European Court of Justice has ruled invalid the US-EU Safe Harbor scheme that thousands of companies, including all US tech giants, rely on to transfer personal data to the US.

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) declared the 15-year-old Safe Harbor data-transfer agreement invalid on Tuesday. Stuart Buglass of Radius comments on the agreement that governs the flow of data from European users of U.S.-based cloud services to the U.S.

Radius VP of Consulting, Stuart Buglass, discusses how the Safe Harbour data-sharing agreement between Europe and the US is dead – and Facebook is now waiting to discover whether it will have to suspend its transatlantic data transfers as a result.

Felix Ndeloa, Director of Advisory Services, discusses US - Africa trade relations on CNBC Africa

China overtook the United States as Africa's largest trading partner recording over US 210 billion dollars in trade with the region in 2013. Can the US initiatives in Africa flip this scale? CNBC Africa's Godfrey Mutizwa spoke to Felix Ndeloa, Director Advisory Services at Radius, about economic ties between the US and Africa.

Illinois exporters upset as Ex-Im bank suspends lending

Hundreds of export-oriented businesses blame their woes on the suspension of operations at Export-Import Bank of the United States, a key provider of loans and insurance in the global marketplace.

Analysing work stoppages for European employers

As a region with a long industrial history, Europe has a complex fabric of entrenched worker rights conveyed through trade unions, works councils, employee delegates and collective bargaining agreements. To better understand the overall situation, let’s take a look at each item in turn.

Hypothetical tax and calculating fair compensation for expatriate employees

Many UK employers and employees do not realise that staff sent abroad may have to pay taxes and file personal tax returns in both the UK and the host country.

The global growth experts at U.K.-based Radius say they’ve helped a couple hundred companies grow overseas, including Tesla Motors Inc. Radius reduces the risks of expanding abroad by setting up foreign entities for clients and providing them with accounting, bookkeeping, payments, payroll and banking services.

Association for Talent Development

Even for the most successful companies, international expansion can be exceedingly difficult. From world-renowned operations such as Disney to fast-growing start-ups like Groupon, the unexpected challenges—and even failures—of expanding overseas often can be attributed to people.

Corporate Compliance Insights

As businesses expand across borders, they must understand the complexities of transactions between divisions, subsidiaries and companies that are under the same ownership but operate in different tax jurisdictions.

Corporate Compliance Insights

Corporate inversion, the practice of reincorporating an American business in a different country by merging with a smaller overseas entity, often to take advantage of lower tax rates, was in the US Government's spotlight in 2014. In September, the US Treasury Department issued new rules that effectively eliminate the practice. In an article published by Corporate Compliance Insights, Katie Davies, Senior Director, Advisory Services at Radius, sheds some light on what happens now for the companies and their executives who rushed to beat the Treasury Department's deadline.

Forbes Magazine

“Don’t assume things work like in the U.S. and don’t take anything for granted.” - Larry Harding

That clear-eyed bit of advice came from a CEO at a consumer goods company, in response to a survey we conducted on the topic of global expansion. The survey, done in partnership with CFO Research, asked senior executives at small- and mid-sized businesses about the opportunities and challenges of opening overseas offices. Nearly 90% of the respondents were already operating overseas (the rest were considering expansion), and nearly two-thirds (65%) expected to be increasing their global footprint within a year of taking the survey.