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Larry Harding or Radius discusses the Pfizer and Allergen deal

Larry Harding, International tax expert at Radius, discusses how Pfizer and Allergan are to combine in the largest healthcare deal in history.

Radius with BostInno

Izzy Jacques is a senior associate at Radius, a Boston firm that helps companies that are expanding internationally with different kinds of business needs. She was on the lookout for tech companies that Radius could partner with.

New products of the week 11.16.2015

With Global HR, companies can reduce risk and save time by managing all of their international employees through a combination of international HR advisory expertise and cloud-based software.

Going Global: 8 Indicators To Help Decide If The Time Is Right

Common drivers of expansion, including innovation, greater market opportunity and decreased barriers to trade, continue to ignite conversations in the boardroom. Why? Because overseas market growth shows no signs of slowing down in the next few years, according to the World Bank Group Global Economic Prospects report.

The European Union's expected rulings that Starbucks and Fiat Chrysler got illegal tax breaks might be just the start of a crackdown, with bigger battles against Apple and Amazon on the way.

The ultimate job-hopper's survival guide

Is job hopping a strategic move or career suicide? What those gaps and short stints on your CV really signal to recruiters and how to get ahead of any negative perceptions.

Brazil´s business hurdles provide opportunities for Radius

Radius provides help to companies expanding into any country in the world by leading them through legal matters, tax filings, accounting practices, personnel regulations and other challenges. It recently consolidated its presence in Brazil with the acquisition of the Sao Paulo-based accounting and services firm B&B Gestao.

How to develop and implement a tax equalisation policy

If your company sends staff abroad, there are advantages to having a tax equalisation policy. It will offset employee tax burdens associated with overseas assignments while ensuring employer tax compliance in home and host countries. Many of these policies are shaped more by company philosophy than legal requirements. But making the right decisions about what to include in the policy is critical to achieving a balance between attracting and retaining top talent, maximising tax advantages, and streamlining expatriate tax reimbursement processes and payroll administration.

European Commission rules that tax deals they negotiated with two European governments were illegal

The European Union said it will require Starbucks Corp. and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles to pay tens of millions of euros in back taxes after ruling that tax deals they negotiated with two European governments were illegal, in an unprecedented decision by regulators that risks blowing open thousands of corporate tax structures across Europe.

From green hats to hangovers, there are countless regional faux pas that can kill an overseas deal. Here are 20 to avoid.

Peter Troost, CTO at Radius, in Strategic HR Review

Global HR Software can be very helpful in trying to navigate the global landscape. There is an important distinction to be drawn between US HR software that allows you to store foreign employees and true global HR software. What are the important differences?

The EU Just Created A 'Balkanized' Internet, But Facebook and Microsoft Say It's Business As Usual

The E.U.'s ruling on the Safe Harbor agreement will force companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and many others to contend with local laws -- and store data individually -- in the European countries where they have users.