International Transfer Pricing: Is the Tax Man About to Knock on Your Door


Complying with international transfer pricing guidelines is challenging at best. Local authorities around the world are becoming much more protective of their tax revenues. International transfer pricing is under increased scrutiny, and non-compliant pricing practices are much more likely to result in tax penalties and significant interference in your business from regulatory authorities.

Companies, from the smallest to the largest, need to pay more attention to ensure that their international transactions are compliant with transfer pricing guidelines, robust enough to stand up to increased scrutiny from tax authorities, and are designed to mitigate unintended tax exposures.

Join three renowned international tax experts in the arenas of domestic and international transfer pricing as they reveal:

  • How to gain a better understanding of where your current international transfer pricing policies are creating tax exposures for your company
  • A practical approach to effective and complaint transfer pricing
  • Specific advice for how to competitively and compliantly price your cross-border intercompany transactions
  • Lessons learned from companies who did not understand the implications of international transfer pricing guidelines

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