Case Studies

Meetings & Incentives Worldwide - Going Global to Meet the Needs of Large International Clients

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Radius helped Meetings & Incentives Worldwide provide the best customer service for its large, international clients. Mega-clients in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and telecommunications industries wanted Meetings & Incentives Worldwide to provide services to their global offices. 

The Challenge: 

Providing exceptional customer service to large global clients: Like many service providers to large international clients, Meetings & Incentives Worldwide wanted to be able to respond to the needs of their clients across the globe.

Establishing an international office: Meetings & Incentives Worldwide required support  with the appropriate setup and management of an office in the United Kingdom including financial,human resources, and legal expertise.

Maintaining a high level of ethics and responsibility: Meeting & Incentives Worldwide sought to establish an international presence in a professional and compliant manner in order to uphold their company reputation.

The Solution: 
  • Provided expert advisors on all aspects of international expansion to guide the process of establishing a presence in the United Kingdom.
  • Implemented cloud-based accounting and payroll systems, established bank accounts, and managed financial operations.
  • Prepared employment contracts and systems for employee expense reporting to facilitate hiring and management of local employees.
  • Provided advice regarding relevant country mandates and regulations such as the EU Safe Harbor Framework.
  • Ensured that the setup of the UK office was in full compliance with country-specific laws and customs to maintain Meetings & Incentives Worldwide’s high ethical standards.
The Outcome: 
  • Expanded customer service capabilities and strengthened relationships with key clients.
  • Established necessary financial, accounting, and HR processes to effectively manage an office in the UK.
  • Maintained ethical standards and compliance with in-country laws and customs.
  • Established a framework for easy expansion in the future.