UK Modern Slavery Act Statement for financial year ending 31 October 2017

Our Policy
Radius is opposed to all forms of slavery, human trafficking, forced labor and violation of human rights. We are therefore committed to ensuring that appropriate policies, processes and procedures are in place to identify and prevent these practices in any part of our business or supply chain.

Our Business
We are a provider of international accounting, finance, banking, tax, HR, legal and compliance services to support businesses expanding overseas. We have offices in the UK, Netherlands, US, India, China, Singapore, Japan and Brazil. We are majority owned by various investments funds which are managed by HgCapital, a UK-based Private Equity fund manager.

Our Supply Chains
We utilise a variety of professional advisors and local suppliers in over 110 countries throughout the world to support business activities carried out from our own offices.

We have assessed the risk of modern slavery practices arising within our supply chain and have concluded that such risks are very low in relation to our professional services suppliers. The only potential risks which we consider may arise within our business are in relation to facilities management and office supplies, most of which are provided under one-off arrangements rather than ongoing contractual relationships. We manage the risk through the use of reputable suppliers and a requirement that all material, regular, suppliers in these areas confirm that their own business activities do not involve any form of slavery or human trafficking.

Due Diligence Processes
As part of our commitment to identify and mitigate modern slavery risks, we have:

  • Identified and assessed potential risk areas throughout our business and existing supply chains;
  • Enhanced our vendor due diligence arrangements to assess potential risk of modern slavery practices; and,
  • Updated our whistle blowing policy to encourage staff to report any concerns they may have concerning modern slavery practices internally, within our client-base and vendor network. No such concerns were raised during the past year.

Partner and Supplier Adherence to Our Values
We have zero tolerance to all aspects of slavery and human trafficking and are putting in place processes to ensure all our partners and suppliers sign up to the adherence of our values.

To ensure a high level of understanding of the risks of modern slavery and human trafficking in our business and supply chains, we provide training to all our own staff, and require our business partners to return an annual declaration confirming their compliance with the Act.

Lynnet Conley
Chief Financial Officer, Radius

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